Commercial Projects Group (CPG) always creates a new comprehensive project with an atmosphere that reflects the character you want to give to your project.  CPG puts its reputation for excellence and unique approach to guarantee the best service.

The elegant finish of a CPG kitchen is a sign of the master kitchen designer.

The perfection of kitchen designing, top quality manufacturing and quick installation is the sign of CPG.

The convenience, durability and aesthetic quality of your kitchen, bathroom or other place lie in the details.  It is this aspect that makes our products so special.  CPG provides a level of excellence that ensures every project is never a routine job, but always reveals the technical limitations of what is possible.

The strength of our approach lies in the intense communication with the client.

We are happy to work with your own architect.  At the same time, you can meet our architect who will help you design your space in a professional way.

CPG is able to take full responsibility for the work and guarantees a perfect furniture finish right up to the last detail.



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