Bathrooms and Wardrobes

Furniture equipped with a sliding door system is a great solution for any home.  They are perfect for bedrooms, hallways or living rooms.  We offer modern, functional and elegant models with shelves, clothes rail, front mirror or an elegant lacquered glass decor.

On offer you will find both simple models without mirrors and those with mirrors, and precisely mounted guides will make their opening easy and smooth.  Ideally suited for small, narrow and discontinuous and unused cavities.

In addition, models equipped with this type of door offer practical and customized solutions. You can choose those with less shelves for more hanging clothes or those equipped with spacious shelves, less often a drawer system.  Sliding wardrobes are the most popular.

The wardrobe with sliding doors is ideal for small rooms, because opening them does not require as much space as in the case of furniture equipped with traditional doors.  This solution means that two people can use it simultaneously without blocking the passage.

To give your bathroom a complete look, you should not forget about interior furnishings.  CPG can provide many different design solutions.  Bathroom furniture can have a different nature. We will design standing or hanging cabinets of your choice.  Tailored to the look of your current bathroom or custom design your dream bathroom.  In addition to standard shades, such as white or gray, we can offer any colour to suit your individual taste.  Bathroom furniture should fully meet your requirements, which is why we offer a wide range of choice.

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